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I had a really nice start to my morning today.  My friend, Diane, invited me to be her guest at a tea ceremony for her Japanese aesthetics class.  It was really peaceful, and very traditional.  Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures, but you can check out the UIUC Japan House at their blog.

Well, time to go work on my drug paper I’ve been putting off for three weeks…I just changed my topic from crack vs. cocaine laws to methamphetamine problems in Asia, so I’m more excited now about writing it.  Whoo!


Did you guys know I had a twin brother?

**Photo credit to David Beasley and Michael Friedman.  Editing by Moi.

I just bought this at Barnes & Nobles and I’m extremely happy about it right now.  Will show off my new friends once I make them.  YAY!!!!

What weird things make you happy?

**Photo taken with Photo Booth

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