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“I ate whatever I could put into my mouth, except stones.  Grain stock was checked every day and we were kept away from grains, so you had this extreme pain of being unable to eat them even if they were within sight. As starving inmates surreptitiously ate seeds, security guards sprayed pesticides on the seeds, so many died from eating the poisoned seeds.”

“I saw a starving woman eat the flesh of her son who had died of a disease.”

“Once we stood in line in the hallway of a detention house where a security guard was kicking a pregnant woman.  Some time later, this woman returned and lay bleeding with an empty womb. But nobody could do anything to help her.”

Can you believe this stuff is happening right now in North Korea?  It angers me and breaks my heart.


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North Korea is home to one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.  I hope to eventually work with North Korean refugees.  This is why I’m working toward my Master’s in Social Work.  Here are some pictures I took at Freedom Bridge and the Joint Security Area.

Camera: Canon Powershot SD780

P.S.  This is my first ever photo editing job in Lightroom and it’s killing me because they look over edited and are super bright and I hate bright pictures.  Ah well, I’m learning…anyway, just had to get that out of my system because it bothers me every time I look at these!  Haha.

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