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Made guac today w/ tomatoes from the garden!  Yum yum yum.


There’s nothing like a summer reunion with an old roommate.












Cameras:  t2i, 24-70mmL; Holga 135BC


This picture signifies the fact that I’m getting OLD.  I used to babysit this girl when she was five.  Now she’s all grown up!  *sniffles*

You know, it’s amazing how things change with time.  Like this tree that used to be a twig when I planted it with my dad seventeen years ago.

Or my childhood backyard that didn’t used to have a garden…

But now does…

I think I like change.  It keeps life interesting.  Most of all, I’m glad that I’ve changed.  And that I am always changing.

How have you changed?

Cameras:  Sony DSC-H50, Holga 135BC

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