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Made guac today w/ tomatoes from the garden!  Yum yum yum.


I GOT THE JOB!  Woke up to a call this morning (well, afternoon) from Eric at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America saying they wanted to hire me! Very exciting. I will be working with them through the Americorps VISTA program, so I guess that means I will officially be serving my country.  🙂

And of course, as you can probably assume, I’ve been playing around w/ my new camera a bit.  I was out running errands most of the day, so I didn’t get to take any pictures while it was nice out, but here are some evening shots from around the house.

Bag that my Korean grandmother bought me in Japan

My awesome $5 Walmart shoes

Haha, yes, that is a daily to do list in the background…and yes, I AM that nerdy.  To make matters even nerdier, it’s actually a productivity competition w/ my friend Amanda.

Feather pretty

Baked some wheat bread in the bread maker

Eating now and leaving traces of honey fingers on my keyboard

Cooked more Korean beef and radish soup tonight (again didn’t read the directions, oh well)–can you see the steam rising out of the pot?


Blind shots

In other news, today, Holly put up pics from our camera date a while back.  I thought it was interesting to see how our pictures differed from each other despite using the same cameras and lenses at the same time and in the same location.  You can make comparisons to my post here.  Perspective is incredible, and it’s crazy to think of all the bazillions of people in the world and how each one of them has their own unique perspective based on their personal experiences and genetic makeup.  Being human is surely an incredible thing.

Song of the day: Santana-Oye Como Va

Website of the day: My darling little cousin’s school homepage!

Article of the day:  I love people who do things like this

Alright, people.  I am neither a calm nor sophisticated person.  So I decided not to try and act like it on my blog anymore.  I’m not much of a photographer, either. (Yet.) So this is no longer a “photography” blog.  It’s just a Stephanie Lee whateverness blog. And today’s blog is about my Korean cooking day!  Today I am attempting to make this.  Although, I didn’t look at those directions until I put everything in the pot, so apparently I’m doing it wrong.  But whatever.  At least I had fun playing with the food! Have you cooked anything interesting lately?

P.S.  Don’t hate on my anchovies.  I’m ASIAN, people.

Camera: Photobooth

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