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It’s been a cold winter, so I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors hibernating.  I’ve also been thinking again for the first time in…a few years, actually.  I mean, really thinking.  I haven’t yet figured out what all I’m thinking, exactly, but one thing I am realizing these days is that if I spend less time thinking and obsessing constantly about what I think I should be doing with my time in order to be more productive, I’m a much happier, more peaceful person who actually gets more accomplished in the end.

This time last year I was participating in my self-invented “Get Awesome Campaign,” which involved trying to do a million things every day that would help me become a more “awesome” person.  (Study Korean, practicing singing, practice violin, learn to bake and cook, eat healthy, exercise, study Spanish, etc.)  To say the least, I did not become one bit more awesome in any of these areas, and if anything, I just felt more badly about myself as each day passed and I failed to do what I had set out to accomplish.  So I’m done with this.  No more taking myself so seriously!

These days I’m starting to realize that a person does not have to have several skills or accomplish several feats in order to matter in this world. The mere act of existing is valuable.

On a shallower note…I wish I was in the Bahamas right now!!!



Stay warm, everyone!  🙂

Camera: Canon t2i

Lens: 24-70mm 2.4L

Postprocessing: Lightroom 3




Camera: Canon t2i; 24-70mm L

Shot by: Michael Johnson

Postprocessing: Yours

I have never seen a night sky so clear and magnificent as I did on the island.  It absolutely blew me away.  You could see the milky way as plain as day, and every star so clearly you could hardly distinguish one from another.  Not to mention several shooting stars.  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any on camera.  What an incredible universe we live in!


Camera: Canon t2i; 24-70mm L

I’m at the library doing everything but studying right now…thought I’d add updating my blog to the list!  Here are more of my humidity-infected photos.

(Last photo by Frederick Dunn)

PS #1–$1 bottomless coffee & tea at the new public library!

PS #2–I got all of these pics developed for free because the lady felt bad for the humidity-infection ^-^

Camera: Holga 135BC

Apparently extreme humidity has a pretty strong effect on film.  My Holga pictures turned out super blurry, but I actually kind of liked how some of them turned out. Here are a couple.  Have you ever experienced film distortion because of humidity?


Camera: Holga 135BC

One of my favorite parts of the island were the coconuts.  One of our friends, Jeffery, a Bahamian local who worked for the cruise line, was able to climb up the coconut trees like a monkey and get them down!  It was so awesome to watch.  My bf, Rick, was so inspired, he tried to do it as well, but just ended up with a bunch of scratches on his arms. So instead, he threw every possible thing he could at the coconut–large rocks, shoes, canoe paddles, until finally we got it down by lassoing it with a rope.  That night we feasted on coconut–that Rick split open with a hammer!


Camera: Canon t2i, 24-70mm L

(Last 2 pics compliments of Frederick Dunn)

Hello, bloggy friends.  I’m back!  Here are some pics from my summer vaca to a little island in the Bahamas called Little Stirrup Cay.  Turns out my bf’s bff’s fam used to own an island out there.  They sold it to the Royal Carribean, but the house his gpa built is still there, so we got to stay and have the island to ourselves when all the tourists left.  =Some fun times!  And of course, beautiful pictures…


More to come…


Camera: Canon t2i, 24-70mm L

(Last photo compliments of our South African diver friend, Ryan)

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