Chicago’s Chinatown will always hold a special place in my heart.  My dad is from Hong Kong, and ever since we moved to the midwest when I was five, we would make an annual trip to Chicago to eat dim sum and then get baked goods at the bakery in Chinatown.

Since my first visit, Chinatown has grown a lot and has become a great place to live in the city.  Fortunately, I have several friends who live, or have lived, in Chinatown, so it’s been a great excuse to visit and hang out, go to the bakery, eat dim sum, and drink bubble tea.  Our favorite bubble tea places are Joyees and Saint Alps.  Mmm Mmm good!

Here are a few pics from my last visit when I visited my friend Xiaoxiao.  She lives in an awesome apartment in the heart of Chinatown (pics to come) and she works at Pui Tak Center, teaching at the elementary school there.  Here’s a picture of her school:

Here is my favorite bakery!

Xiaoxiao showed us an awesome restaurant called Gourmet Foods Inc. w/ super authentic Chinese food for really cheap!

*sigh*  I love Chinatown.

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Lens: 24-70mmL

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