And life is good…

Orthodox know how to fast, but they also sure know how to party!  After our lovely (and long–11:30pm-2am) Pascha service , we had quite the party to break the fast and celebrate our risen Lord.  Sausage, meatballs, cheese, ice cream, white russians, wine, vodka, cheesy mashed potatoes with bacon, pie, cheesecake, etc etc yum yum yum! It was an exciting time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, so no pics, but I did shoot a pic of my morning bacon and eggs (and avacado!), my favorite breakfast of all time.  We get our bacon, eggs, and milk (which I poured after shooting the pic) from an amish farm nearby (which I have pics of that I need to post), and it’s absolutely delish.

Well, before I get my week started, I will end this post with the paschal troparion that we proclaim over and over each year at Pascha:

Christ is risen from the dead,

Trampling down death by death,

And upon those in the tombs

Bestowing life!

Happy (belated) easter, everyone!  🙂