As simple as it is, choosing to wake up in the morning at a decent and consistent hour has done wonders for my week.  Without trying to tackle any of my other problems besides the waking up thing, a lot of them have improved due to simply waking up.  My mood is significantly better, I’m being more productive, and I’m feeling less tired and groggy throughout the day.  I’m eating healthier, taking my vitamins, and finding myself with more free time.  I even went out with a friend last night and didn’t feel stressed about school work!  I’m sure the warmer weather is a contributing factor as well, but I really am beginning to become sold on this whole morning person thing.

In other news, as I mentioned, it is extremely warm this week!  It is so warm, I sat outside today without a jacket and ate some toast w/ raw honey and cinnamon.  It was lovely.  I guess one thing good about the cold is that it really helps you to appreciate warmth.

On that note, since I’m not as bitter about the winter right now, I’ll post up some pictures I took last week when there was still snow on the ground.  I wanted to get some pictures before the snow melted, so I took a ride out to the country with Hannah and to our surprise, we found some horses!




Although the second one is my favorite, I get a total kick out of the last one.  He turned his head and looked directly at me with his one eyeball right as I shot the picture!  The look on his face makes me very curious to know what he was thinking…

Besides the horse pictures, we only got a couple barns, because it was so cold out.  I wasn’t too crazy about any of them, but I’ll put up this one just for kicks.


Well, I’m off to teach some piano lessons now.  Happy Friday everyone!

Camera: Canon t2i

Lens: 24-70mm 2.8L

Postprocessing: Lightroom 3