It’s finally in the 30’s, which sadly to say feels warm.  So, I’ve used it as my cue to start taking some pictures again.  I found my grandma’s old Minolta 7s in the closet several months ago, and finally decided to try it out.  (I was quite ecstatic to find it, btw.) I’ve only taken a few pics so far, so it will be a while ’til I get it developed.  I’ve never used a camera like this before, so I’m afraid I’m not using it correctly and that it’s not working.  I’m 19 pictures away from finding out, so I’ll be sure to let you all know the outcomes when I get it developed.  For now, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite holga film pics that I have not yet posted. Two are double exposure and one sort of only caught half the roll; but I actually like it like that.  Hope you like them!


Camera: Holga 135 bc