Since I’m not out and about taking many pictures in this cold weather, I’m trying to devote my small amounts of free time to learning more about postprocessing.  I finally got CS5, but I have no clue how to use it, so for now I’m stuck in Lightroom.  I still feel like I spent endless amounts of time editing, when, in the end, my picture doesn’t look much better, and maybe even worse. But, my photos are not turning out as horrendously ugly as they were when I first started, so I must be getting somewhere…

Anyway, these are some shots of my friend, Julia, that I took soon after I bought my camera less than a year ago.  Nothing fancy, we were just having a fun time out in the rainy streets enjoying Logan Square, my old neighborhood in Chicago.

Camera: Canon t2i

Lens: 24-70 2.4L

Postprocessing: Lightroom 3