Last night was supposed to be the first frost of the year, but I think it was a false prediction, because today is lovely!  We picked all of the tomatoes that were left, anyway, just in case, and of course, I got some pictures.



The next few were taken by my boyfriend, Rick.  We have quite different photography styles and ways of using the camera, but I like his perspective.







We got a number of green peppers and cucumbers this year, and a few garlic cloves, but the garden for the most part ended up being a tomato garden.  Good thing I love homemade salsa!


Wish list for next year’s garden (assuming I have yard space then):

Cilantro (tomatoes choked them out this year)

Basil (Mine died when I went on vacation)


Green Beans




What would be in your dream garden?


Camera: Canon t2i, 24-70mm L