Where do you go to drink and sing away your misery upon being dumped?  Well apparently for Koreans, Yeouido is the place to go!

On a beautiful, crisp clear summer night, my friend Jinsung took me to Yeoui Island (do means island).  After a lovely walk through the park, we arrived at this glowing water front.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and such a breath of fresh air after a long week of teaching.  He told me a lot of fun stories about how Korea came from a bear who turned into a beautiful woman, about how there is a rabbit in the moon, and about how Korean men would come to this spot on the island, get super drunk, and sing really loud and depressing songs upon being dumped.  Preeeety believable, actually, considering how dramatic Koreans can be sometimes. Unfortunately for me, we didn’t see any heartbroken wailers, but we did see a live indie jazz band playing at the little floating theater!  Another breath of fresh air after all the inescapable k-pop…

Anyway, Yeouido is wonderful, and altho very commercial now, I recommend it to anyone visiting Korea.  If you want to see better shots of it in the daylight, MK just put up a post here, so be sure to check it out!  Thanks, MK, for reminding me of this memorable night!