MK has been posting about her latest trip to South  Korea, so she has inspired me to go back in time and do a little blog documenting about my previous year in Korea.  I thought I’d start out w/ a post on Ewha Women’s University because she did one on there today.  If you want a real view of the campus, her’s is a better post to look at, because I didn’t take many of the campus.  My mother actually went to Ewha Elementary School when she was a kid, so when she came out to visit me during my year of teaching, we trekked out to the school to see if it was still there.  And it was!

It was super exciting for her to see her childhood school that she hadn’t seen in over 30 years.  What’s even more exciting is that even though the school was closed, we managed to talk the security guard into letting us in to look around.  And guess what we found!

Pictures of every class since the school opened, including my mom’s!  Here’s a close up. See if you can tell which is her, based on my first picture of her.

10 points to anyone who guesses correctly.

P.S.  My grandmother graduated from Ehwa Women’s University and was a doctor. She was one of the only South Korean female doctors of her time.