This past weekend was absolutely fabulous.  I took a trip to my alma matter for a bridal shower and to catch up w/ old friends, and my, was it a splendid time.  I made some super cool new friends, which I didn’t expect to happen, and caught up with a bunch of old ones, including this one:

This is the ever so lovely Holly.  Not on purpose, we happen to have TWO matching cameras!  So we had a little camera date at my old hang out spot, a cafe close to campus. Holly has these sweet holga lenses, and we discovered that if you hold the lens up to our point and shoots, it makes pictures look super cool!  Check it out:

Pretty nice, eh?  It gets even better.  Here is a picture of my Canon SD780 taking a picture of Holly’s Canon SD780 taking a picture of our twin Holga 135BCs!

Talk about the most fantastically nerdy camera date ever. I’m pretty sure we win.  (^-^)  Hurray for good times w/ old friends!

What did you do last weekend?

Camera: Canon SD780 IS