Ended chapter, “Teaching English in Korea,” today.  Here are a few of my many wonderful students whom I spent the past year teaching and loving.






Justin & Daniel


I shall end this post with an e-mail that my student, Mary, sent me today. Ironically, she was the one who stuck her tongue out at me last week because I scolded her for doing her makeup in class despite several warnings.

“To my lovely teacher   Miss.Stephanie….
I think I will miss u a lot…
I was really happy, because your always with me…
I cannot believe to day we finish our last class…
I cannot show you with my action, but I really like you so much….
Thankyou for being my teacher….
Its really last?? bye bye lets see in America…”

Yes, Mary, you sure don’t always show it with your actions, but I like you, too, and I *think* I will miss you a lot as well.


Cameras: Canon PS SD 1100; Mary’s pic was taken with Canon Powershot SD 780